Vegetarianism is deeply rooted in India and her cultural traditions. It is increasingly becoming a healthier food option for the rest of the world as well.

Studies prove that 45% of diabetics, who were switched to a vegetarian diet, were able to discontinue the use of insulin.Asthmatics and those with multiple sclerosis too have seen great improvement in their condition after choosing to be a vegan. A vegetarian diet reduces the chances of kidney / gallbladder stones, cancer and cardio-vascular disorders.

At Brahmins Group, we believe good food begins with pure, natural, meat-free ingredients. In our endeavour to turn food to a life-giving elixir, Brahmins Groupembracesthe goodness of vegetarianism in all our food products, inspiring millions to discover the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Each day, our promise is renewed as we cater to your essential need for great-tasting food and a healthy life. We promise to:

  • Provide the healthiest, tastiest food for every meal of the day
  • Choose the freshest natural ingredients from organic,pesticide-free farms
  • Innovate traditional recipes, keeping your taste and well-being in mind
  • Communicate the benefits of a vegetarian diet across the world.
  • Create a healthier lifestyle for individuals, communities and the future generation

Vishnu Namboothiri

Founder and Chairman

“Preserving flavour while retaining natural value. This was our humble vision when we started 33 years ago. Now it has grown to include more than a hundred diverse food products in several million households.

And we are ecstatic that we have been able to expand our offering from a vegetarian promise to flavourful coffee and something as diverse as a beautifully turned pen.

What began in the humble kitchens of Kerala has now expanded to regions outside of India, bringing in innovation and customer satisfaction at every turn.

I am both honoured and humbled to guide Brahmins Group to ever greater heights, but being rooted in who we truly are.”

“Shri. Vishnu Namboothiri is a visionary entrepreneur involved in business activities that contribute to making the society a healthier place to live in. He strongly believes that every business exists to serve a larger, more humanitarian goal in society. His areas of expertise range from strategic business planning and finance management to retail and branding.”


Sreenath Vishnu

Sreenath Vishnu

Managing Director

One of the main forces behind Brahmins Foods, Sreenath Vishnu is a second generation entrepreneur and a post graduate in Business Administration from VTU. He joined Brahmins Foods in 2006 and through his leadership and support, along with the guidance of his father, Vishnu Namboothiri (who is the Founder), the company achieved tremendous success and growth.

Sreenath Vishnu Has Selected As A Co-Chair Of CII Family Business Sub Committee In Southern Region Council Confederation Of Indian Industry

He is also the Past Chairman of CII Kerala State Council (2020-21), Charter Member of TiE Kerala, and Member of Retailer’s Association of India.

Sreenath was also privileged to be a part of two presidential delegations – accompanying the Honourable Presidents of India, Sri Pranab Mukherjee in 2015 during the latter’s state visit to Sweden and Sri Ramnath Kovind in 2018 during the latter’s visit to the Republic of Greece.




Our Vision To make the world healthy, by promoting -agetarianism
and by providing pure and tasty food to all.


Our Mission To be the best quality food brand by involving from cultivation to consumption of food items, by maintaining high quality practices in every process we do and by setting up the best supply chain management systems.

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