Brahmins Kerala Sambar Powder: A Spice Blend for All Seasons

Brahmins Kerala Sambar Powder: A Spice Blend for All Seasons

One of the remarkable qualities of Brahmins Kerala Sambar powder is versatility . While this spice blend is essential for sambar preparation ,it may also be utilised to enrich a variety of foods . 

The Origins of Sambar 

Sambar is a popular south indian meal,it is a lentil-based stew loaded with a variety of veggies and flavoured with perfection with a spice combination . The origin of this powder can be traced back to the southern states of India ,where it has been a staple of regional cuisine for centuries . 

Brahmins Kerala sambar powder elegance resides in its  carefully selected ingredients and measured amounts .This spice blend is often made out of a variety of spices and lentils , with the main ingredient being : 

Coriander Seeds: These provide the base flavour and contribute a subtle citrusy, earthy note.

Red Chili Peppers: Adding heat and depth to the mix, red chilies offer a delightful kick.

Toor Dal (Pigeon Peas): This lentil not only thickens the sambar but also imparts a mild nutty flavour.

Chana Dal (Split Bengal Gram): Enhancing the texture and aroma, chana dal adds a toasty, nutty quality.

Cumin Seeds: Offering a warm, earthy essence, cumin seeds are a key spice in sambar masala.

Fenugreek Seeds: These contribute a hint of bitterness and a unique flavour dimension.

Turmeric: For the vibrant golden hue and earthy undertones.

Curry Leaves: Adding a touch of herbal aroma, curry leaves are a signature element of South Indian cuisine.

Each of these items is perfectly dry-roasted , releasing their essential oils and increasing flavour .They are then combined to make the aromatic Brahmins best Sambar powder  ,a spice blend that reflects the essence of south indian food.