Coocking Tips

  • Dipping chopped potatoes in cold iced water wouldn’t change its colour.
  • Blending the coconut for extracting coconut milk, if mixed with mild hot water it becomes easy to extract the milk completely.
  •  After adding mustards into the hot oil, turn off the gas and add a little pinch of chilly powder thus increases the colour.
  • Soaking Dal for over 8 hours would be easier in boiling and digestion.
  • To remove the sourness of Palak leaves, boil it in hot water mixture of salt and lemon extract for 1 minute and then soak it in cold water.
  • For maintaining the consistency and thickness of gravy add potato smashed potato slices.
  • Adding a spoon of milk in the water used for boiling Soya Beans, the taste would be yum.
  • Adding a spoon of sugar to the water of boiling green peas would maintain its colour.
  • Frying Dal without oil for 2 minutes and then steaming in cooker would increase its taste.
  • While making pickles/achar of Mango, Gooseberry, Lemon etc…using mustard oil would prevent it from getting fungus.
  • Adding bit of milk to the wheat dough (of Puri) and mixing it well would allow it get fluffy and soft.
  • For fast boiling of Brown chickpea add baking soda to the water of boiling.
  • For Apple to last long, put it in a cover with holes and place in fridge.
  • Applying lemon extract to the sliced pieces of Apple would prevent it from getting dark patches.