Secrets of South Indian Cuisine with Brahmins Pickles

Secrets of South Indian Cuisine with Brahmins Pickles

Pickle holds significant cultural importance in South India as a staple food item. Its tangy flavour helps cleanse and refresh the palate. Pickling also means preserving food in an acid or salt solution. Over the years, types of pickles have become readily available in the market.

Among them, Brahmins pickles hold significant value due to their authentic flavours. Brahmins offer a wide range of pickles that closely resemble the ones traditionally made at home. Pickling, a traditional preservation method, remains a common practice in Indian households till now. To prepare pickles, carefully choose fresh fruits and vegetables, combining them with salt, spices, and other ingredients to enhance their flavour and preserve them for many years.

Pickling methods have their style in each region. Mango and amla (Indian Gooseberry) are commonly used as primary ingredients for pickling in both North and South India. However, in South India, lemon and various vegetables were frequently used in pickle recipes. In the past, food preservation posed significant challenges. Consequently, South Indians use pickling methods to preserve abundant amounts of fruits and vegetables. In earlier times, pickling was a social activity where people came together to harvest fruits or vegetables, clean them, and then prepare pickles.

History of Pickling in South India

In the past, pickling in South India centred around a limited selection of ingredients such as mango, amla, and specific vegetables. Over time, the practice expanded to include a wider variety of vegetables and adopt additional flavours. In South India, pickling involves a wide variety of ingredients including mangoes, gooseberries, lime, and vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, onions, bitter gourd, beetroots, chillies, garlic, ginger, fruits like rose apples, Indian plums, dates, as well as non-vegetarian options like fish and beef. Pickling not only serves as a method for preserving foods but also offers various benefits.

In southern India, Pickles is known as Achar. In Indian meals, particularly in South India, a small piece of pickle is commonly served. Mango pickle is the most widely used pickle in South Indian meals. South Indians have various recipes for mango pickles. Some of them just use pickles to eat the rice.

Benefits of Pickles

Some health-conscious individuals believe that consuming pickles may lead to health issues. Myths surrounding pickles like they can cause high blood pressure and heart issues. While excessive consumption of pickles or any other food may indeed have adverse effects on health, moderate intake can be part of a balanced diet and contribute to overall health. However, certain health experts and clinical nutritionists advocate for the benefits of including pickles in your diet. Let’s explore some of the health advantages associated with pickles.

  • Dense in vitamin antioxidants 
  • Regulate sugar level
  • Reduce weight loss
  • Lowering cholesterol levels 
  • Helps to maintain the health of the heart
  • Rich in minerals 
  • Boost immunity
  • Eases digestion
  • Change in Pickling

Brahmins Pickles

Over the years, the pickling process has undergone significant changes. In earlier times, all the ingredients, including spices, main ingredients, and vegetables, were collected and prepared within the household. However, nowadays, the pickling process has evolved considerably. With busy schedules, many individuals opt to purchase pickles directly from the market. Some prefer to buy quality pickle powders to prepare their pickles at home. The market offers a range of pickle brands to choose from. Brahmins Foods offers premium-quality pickle powder for homemade pickling purposes. It makes pickling methods a little bit easier.

Apart from Brahmins pickle powder, Brahmins pickles are readily available in the market, offering a variety of pickles such as lemon and dates pickles, sliced mango pickles, lime pickles, mango ginger pickles, garlic pickles, and white lime pickles. Brahmins Pickle is considered the best in the market.

With their extensive experience over the years, Brahmins understand the taste preferences of South Indians and cater to them accordingly. Brahmins pickles hold a prominent position in South Indian kitchens, renowned for their exceptional taste and superior quality. With their authentic flavour and traditional recipes, Brahmins pickles have become a cherished staple in South Indian meals. Their commitment to quality ingredients and time-honoured methods ensures a delightful culinary experience that resonates across generations. As a beloved household name, Brahmins pickles continue to enrich the culinary landscape, embodying the rich culinary heritage of South India.