Semiya Payasam And Boli

Semiya Payasam And Boli Valentine’s Day special combo Semiya payasam is a south indian sweet milk dish prepared from semiya which is made of vermicelli , milk , ghee , sugar etc. This dessert is often served at marriages and holy functions around south india , the best combo for semiya payasam is a Boli […]

ആപ്പിൾ പോപ്‌കോൺ പാലട പായസം

ആപ്പിൾ പോപ്‌കോൺ പാലട പായസം Shafna Shaji’s Recipe ചേരുവകൾ ബ്രാഹ്മിൻസ് പാലട    100 g ആപ്പിൾ ചെറുതായി അരിഞ്ഞത് ½ കപ്പ് പോപ്‌കോൺ ½ കപ്പ് Milk maid ¼ കപ്പ് പാൽ 750 ml നെയ്യ് 3 Tbs അണ്ടിപരിപ്പ് 1 Tbsp മുന്തിരി 1 Tbsp ഉപ്പ് ¼ Tsp ബദാം ചെറുതായി അരിഞ്ഞത് ½ Tbsp ഏലക്ക പൊടി ¼ Tsp INSTRUCTIONS ഒരു ഉരുളി അടുപ്പിൽ വെച്ച് നെയ്യ് […]

Milk Cake

Milk Cake Milk Cake Recipe | milk cake Kalakand sweet recipe | milk cake Mithai Milk cake or Kalakand is a rich decadent indian sweet which is easy to make and taste so delicious with simple tricks and techniques. This is a unique “cake” made with just a few ingredients, primarily milk and sugar and […]

Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies

Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies | Healthy cookie | snack Snack bingeing and the desire to be healthy are our two main activities of any day. Having to lounge around home all day (let’s keep aside the pseudo office/ classroom we have created in home) it’s nearly impossible to quit the habit […]


Carrot Halwa Carrot Halwa or Gajar ka Halwa is a slow-cooked Indian pudding, that is traditionally made in most households during festivities and special occasions like weddings, parties and celebrations as a dessert. Also known as Gajrela, it is prepared by simmering grated carrots in full fat milk, sweetened with sugar and garnished with rich […]

Eggless Chocolate Pancake

Eggless Chocolate Pancake EASY PANCAKE RECIPE | EGGLESS PANCAKE RECIPE | CHOCOLATE PANCAKE RECIPE It is very normal to get excited over drizzling milk chocolate sauce flowing down from silky smooth pastries and cake with strawberries and raspberry garnish. Chocolate is a mood enlightening flavour. Its pure sweetness, sourness, and bitterness bring out the happiest […]